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Kevin Jenkins Montgomery

Social Distancing is Fun

The Kevin Day Way Guy

"Ok, popcorn shrimp is fine" -KJ




"I don't have a wife, kids, girlfriend OR a dog.




I'm the designated hero-fatality."  -KJ








Kevin Before the Great Corona Virus Panic AND MeToo




"When I was a kid the main thing was a Rubik's cube."  -KJ







"The people doing reviews of the




new Candyman trailer weren't even BORN




when Candyman came out."  -KJ  3/1/2020








W  E  L  C  O  M  E     T  O     M  Y     P  E  R  S  O  N  A  L     W  E  B  S  I  T  E








STATUS: "I need some skinny jeans."  -KJ





Meet Kevin Jenkins.


AGE: Upper 40's
SEX: Not recently
MARITAL STATUS: Never married

VICES: Doesn't drink or smoke
KIDS: None


SUN SIGN: 'Capricornus Maximus'
LIVED: Tuscaloosa, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Montgomery

PET PEEVES: My pet, Peeve.




Kevin Jenkins is some schmuck who's worked for public relations firms in Washington, DC and Los Angeles and has an established acumen with social media content, web graphics, websites and writing copy. He has largely left his web design days behind as he is now involved with creating things for more personal purposes. "The only reason I was forced to learn how to build websites was because I needed that skill for my own projects."

FunFacts: Kevin Jenkins was born on an Air Force base north of San Francisco.

Trivia: Kevin Jenkins joined over a hundred other people in sleeping overnight in freezing temperatures outside a ChickFilA to be awarded a multitude of eat free chickfila certificates.

Trivia: Kevin Jenkins was once the City Editor for a small newspaper, formulating story ideas & pictures on a weekly basis, and he served as a liaison where the paper was printed, at the Washington Post.



We're in some sort of parallel universe but the food is mostly good.

Some black guy named Kevin Jenkins







Virus Panic

This pandemic of the coronavirus is either gonna turn out to be a bunch of crap & fear or it's gonna be something that was mildly warranted. It's actually a somewhat exciting time because everybody is basically on vacation no matter how much money they have. That, combined with the remedy for getting the virus is simply to take your ass home and chill out, makes it a somewhat pleasurable yet apprehensive time. Even though things are forced to close early, it's not like you can't get stuff at all. Well, except for toilet paper and hand sanitizer. I went to the store recently and there was plenty of most of the stuff I buy to eat. Granted many sections were wiped out but there was stuff so that you wouldn't starve.

Kevin Jenkins

Elba, Tom Hanks & the CoronaVirus

When Tom Hanks announced he had the Corona virus I thought this was truly a mass extinction and zombie apocalypse. However when Idris Elba announced he tested positive for the virus, I was like, okay is this some kind of celebrity-only thing? It's almost key people who you would pick to run an awareness campaign about the Corona virus had been selected. Many people started to give the side-eye to these celebrities no only because it proved that the virus had no symptoms to be scared of but that they were able to somehow get tested while hardly nobody else can. It's also the reason why nobody is really terrified of the Corona virus, because the last I heard, the remedy for it is to go back to wherever you live and chill out

Kevin Jenkins

Is Virus Attempt to Derail Trump?

First off, to truly think the corona virus was thrown at the United States to mess up Trump's economy, you would have to take a huge leap of thinking the virus was SOLELY created to do this. However, as you know from what governments have done clandestinely in the past, it's not unfathomable. The more realistic assumption is that it is simply being weaponized against Trump since it's here. Media persons persons who don't Trump ie. the media, will make sure the situation of the virus being in America is as forebodding as possible and hopeless for as long as possible. The good news for Trump, however, and also the reason why I don't think it was mean to be an effort to derail him, is because the virus hit way to early to do damage in the minds of voters ON ELECTION DAY. Moreover, even if the virus had hit a week before the election, the way it would be inevitably spun to damage Trump would look contrived and on purpose. That would make the average Trump voter even more defiant to vote for Trump.

Kevin Jenkins